ZZ Electrical Advantage

1.Hardware Advantage :

We are the only company which has 3 sets of Germany made 500T cold extrusion equipment and we bought more than 30 sets of high precision CNC lathes in 2014. So far we have multiple     automatic drawing machines which can stretch the shell to a net height of 420 mm, and a daily production capacity of up to 150 thousand pieces with automatic cleaning system. we have continuous laser welding machines, high power laser spots welding machines, high and low power ultrasonic welding machines, copper and aluminum composite welding machines which were imported from Germany, high-precision explosion-proof plate punching machines and Helium detectors. we are capable of designing and manufacturing the entire automatic assembly equipment for the combined cover plate. The advanced equipment ensures the high precision, efficiency and quality of the products.

2.Technical Advantages:

We have totally fifteen product designer including one senior engineer with extensive experience in process design of new energy power battery, three engineers of process structures R&D and three product development designer.

3.Product Advantage:

The case of new energy square power battery uses a new type of aluminum material which has the advantage of corrosion resistance, high anti pressure strength and great tensile strength. The composite cover plate of new energy square power battery uses porcelain insulation, positive and negative pole alumina welding technology, precision servo press, and the special insert injection molding sealing process, resulting in high insulation resistance, low internal resistance, harsh environment adaptability and stable explosion-proof performance.

4.Management Advantage:

Our company has passed the TS16949 and IQC14000 quality management certification on 4th Feb, 2014. In addition to the management system, our company hires a lot of experienced professionals, and has formed an advanced system of organizational structure.


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