Quality inspector:

Job Responsibilities:

1. strict accordance with the inspection procedures for product testing, Inspection records;

2. The occurrence of defects, scrap, timely isolation and reporting process;

3. Upon examination of product data, timely summary, with good statistical day, and make monthly statistics.

job requirements:

1. Secondary education, mechanical engineering, 18 years old -35 years old, male or female;

2. Quality hardware or auto parts factory work experience is preferred

Lab Engineer:

job requirements:

1, male or female, college education;

2, the meter has a certain understanding, a metering certificate is preferred;

3, familiar with the auto parts manufacturing industry test and measurement instruments management, laboratory management experience.

quality engineer

job requirements:

1, male or female, college education;

2, at least 3 years of work experience in the automotive industry quality management;

3, familiar with bad customer complaints and internal processing of TS16949 system have some knowledge, are familiar with and able to use QC seven practices.

Mould master

job requirements:

1, male, 40 years of age, high school or secondary education;

2, able to skillfully operate a conventional machine tool, familiar metal mold processing, assembly, test mode, analysis;

3, has a wealth of experience in metal molds for maintenance;

Injection mold master

job requirements:

1, familiar with the injection molding process and machine technology transfer

2, understand the injection molding machines and auxiliary machinery maintenance

More than 3, 3 years experience in injection molding machine machine

Mold designers

Job Requirements: 

1, 5 years of experience in the design stamping die, die structure has basic theoretical knowledge.

2, proficient in the manufacturing process and process the mold.

3, familiar with punching, stretching, cold extrusion molding test mode, change the mode of non-performing products.

4, skilled and independent use of CAD, PRO-E, UG and other design software for three-dimensional modeling, parting, a map, etc.

Electrical Engineer

job requirements:

1, college education, electrical automation

2, more than three years or electrical equipment automation and control work experience

3, PLC programming will have auto parts factory work experience is preferred