People's Daily China lithium battery industry in response to the huge loss question: good momentum

  • Date:2016-04-05
  • Summary:For some time, a network has been widely reproduced in the text "a people still knew nothing of the plot," he said, "hundreds of international patent intellectu

    For some time, a network has been widely reproduced in the text "a people still knew nothing of the plot," he said, "hundreds of international patent intellectual property rights of lithium are Japan and the United States," "China is the world's only power investing heavily on lithium battery "" our country power lithium battery production enterprises almost fully huge loss "...... About Chinese lithium battery industry, network-cited experts as saying that" a total failure. " This article was widespread, causing a lot of people's fears and doubts. Remarks in this article there is no scientific basis? How current development of lithium battery industry in the end like? People's Daily "confirmation" section interviewed a number of industry experts.

            China the world's only lithium huge investment?

            Response: The number of multinationals are competing for the lithium battery industry

            In the world, only China for lithium making substantial investments to do? China Electronics Technology Group Corporation chief scientist, senior engineer Liu Xingjiang introduced in 2015, total investment in the global lithium 10 billion -120 billion, mainly Japan, South Korea, the United States and other countries. According to statistics, Japan's Panasonic and GS-Yuasa has invested in companies such as the lithium-ion battery over 5 billion US dollars. Therefore, not only China's ongoing investment in lithium, lithium-ion battery industry has become a global hot spot for investment, market competition is fierce.

            Public information, Tesla is building Nevada annual capacity of 35GWh super factories with a total investment will reach $ 5 billion, plans to achieve full capacity in 2020, when annual production of lithium batteries for 500,000 electric cars use. LG Chemical has announced plans to build a battery factory in Wroclaw, the annual production capacity of 50,000 sets. Prior to this, LG has chemical and other factories, Michigan.

            "A few years ago, the world's leading supplier of power batteries Panasonic and other Japanese companies, and now South Korea's Samsung, LG Chemical has been among the world's first camp in the ternary field of lithium batteries." Deputy Managing Director of SAIC Technology Center, the company Dresdner Zhu He said the South Korean battery technology as a strategic pillar industry support, the government-funded R & D facilities or investment shares, the companies invested billions of dollars in funding for continued research and development.

            Currently, multinational corporations to invest in the speed of the lithium battery project. October 2015, LG announced the completion of a chemical plant in Nanjing, the annual production capacity of 100,000 units in the same month also announced the completion and operation of the facility with Samsung SDI, the plant with an annual output of 40,000 sets of car battery, a plurality of stages of planning 2020 Year completed approximately $ 600 million investment.

            Network article said, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Lu Qiang believes that "China lithium battery technology is the basic line of failure." In this regard, Lu Qiang interview with this reporter, said that the media have not said something similar before judgment, he had an academic forum in Shenzhen gave a report on new energy development and other issues, then the Internet was taken out of context and distorted views, I did not interview him.

            Lu Qiang said: "I report to compare, for example lithium batteries lithium batteries in some areas public transportation system played a role, but the recycling system is not fully established, the secondary pollution caused by used batteries handling costs. higher, related research work carried out is not yet mature. I raised this issue in the report to be for everyone to be resolved. in the absence of sufficient evidence of the case, will not say 'route failed' this does not comply with the laws of science thesis, which contrary to the spirit of science. "

            China lithium battery industry overall huge loss?

            Response: From the beginning of the end of 2014, the battery power shortage, lithium battery company benefits more than OEMs

            "Foreign car popularizing new energy to start as early as 2015 years ago, sales have been ahead of our country." China Automotive Technology and Research Center, chief expert of the field of power battery, battery testing and application technology League Secretary General, senior engineer Wang Fang said, 2014 pure electric car worldwide sales of the top ten, foreign brands accounted for 6, and the top four are foreign brands.

            It is reported that: in 2015, China has nine models into the top 20 global sales.

            "Domestic production of special power battery business a few years ago really at a loss, mainly due to the larger battery development and production investment, then there is a market, fewer sales." Fang said that from the beginning of the end of 2014, domestic power battery has short supply, battery corporate earnings situation was improved.

    But rather foreign power battery business, as international oil prices, slow growth of new energy vehicles, lead to overcapacity, heavy losses. According to foreign media reports, the 2015 loss of $ 290 million, Samsung SDI, LG Chemical loss of $ 87 million.

            "2015, the new energy automotive battery business is the largest gains." State Information Center, Information Resources Development Department Director Xu Changming said that since 2015, thanks to the rapid growth of electric vehicles, China's battery manufacturers are good life ' like new energy era Ningde (CATL), Tianjin Lishen, Guangyu power, universal, Shenzhen BAK and other products in short supply. The expansion of production capacity, it also brings the cost down, the battery-effective enterprise is not surprising. With the battery companies to expand production capacity, battery supply situation is expected to be eased, but the competition will also bring down the price of the battery, corporate earnings will also increase the difficulty.

            Liu Xingjiang also pointed out that the problem of domestic battery enterprises in the future is how to avoid redundant construction, and comprehensively improve the level of automation of production lines, system integration and control capabilities.

            Lithium ore resources are mainly under foreign control?

            Response: China's lithium reserves are abundant, completely self-sufficient

            "Our industry is lithium anode material, electrolyte, separator and other key materials have been localized." For "the main raw materials are imported," saying, Wang Fang pointed out that although there are still some high-end key material partially dependent on imports, However, a smaller proportion.

            Liu Xingjiang said lithium ion battery electrolyte consisting of high purity lithium salt (mainly lithium hexafluorophosphate) and high purity solvent composition, in 1997 a few years, the electrolyte is completely dependent on imports, some raw materials are imported, but our unremitting efforts, has been made proprietary lithium hexafluoro phosphate material, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, in which lithium hexafluorophosphate achieve industrialization in 2004. Today, battery separator materials in addition to the basic part to achieve localization, but also become the largest producer of lithium battery materials. Gao Kui, executive vice president of Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. introduced the current Lishen Power Battery positive critical raw materials, anode, electrolyte, diaphragm all use domestic materials.

            Wen also said the network, lithium ore resources are mainly controlled by the US and Japan. China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 18th Research Institute senior engineer Liu Haojie said lithium resources needed for the production of lithium ion battery cathode materials, mainly from Salt Lake lithium ore and ocean. Due to the low cost of mining salt lake lithium resources, the current source of lithium or lithium industry mainly rely on salt lake brine lithium resources, instead of lithium ore and ocean. China's Qinghai, Tibet and Jiangxi reserves of lithium resources are more abundant, Qinghai has proven reserves of lithium resources about the world's reserves of lithium resources salt 1/3 Tibet high grade lithium resources, develop a reasonable and if recycling, completely It can be self-sufficient.

            Fang told reporters, according to the US Geological Survey, China lithium reserves are more abundant, the highest in the world.

            How kind of lithium-ion technology?

            Answer: China has more than lithium-ion battery patent term, but there is still a lack of international competitiveness of companies and industry groups

            "Our power battery industry started in 2006, from security and resource considerations, selected energy density 120-140Wh / kg of lithium iron phosphate technology roadmap, after nearly a decade of development, has formed a self-controllable complete industrial chain. "Xu Yanhua, deputy secretary general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said.

            "In recent years, China's power battery shipments have been among the ranks of leading international." National 863 energy-saving and new energy vehicles project supervision consulting team leader Wang Binggang introduction in 2014 of battery production and sales account for about one third of global. 2015, BYD, CATL, China Xuan, Air lithium and other eight companies among the world battery shipments in the first fifteen strong.

    But Wang Binggang also pointed out that due to the development of decentralized power, power battery industry has been the lack of internationally competitive companies and industry groups, particularly in the ternary field of lithium batteries, but also to catch up in the acceleration phase, "increase the cell basic research and industrial infrastructure It is a priority. "

            "At present, China's battery production capacity, lithium iron phosphate accounted for 80% -90%." Ningde Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Li said, China has independently developed high-energy density lithium battery three yuan, it has begun international luxury brands and domestic mainstream brand passenger cars on a small scale applications, through 2--3 Experimental verification to be completed safety assessment, then China will grasp three yuan lithium battery core technology.

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