Shanghai new energy vehicles subsidy mechanism introduced back slope threshold increase subsidies

  • Date:2016-04-06
  • Summary:Beginning this year, Shanghai local financial subsidies for new energy auto companies, state subsidies and no longer in a 1: 1 ratio standard. "Shanghai to enco

    Beginning this year, Shanghai local financial subsidies for new energy auto companies, state subsidies and no longer in a 1: 1 ratio standard. "Shanghai to encourage the purchase and use of new energy automobiles Interim Measures," the Shanghai municipal government announced the revision on April 1 after (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), clearly above information. The "measures" execution time for the two years 2016-2017.


            Compared with the pre-amended version, the new "approach" also raise the subsidy threshold, introducing more technical standard dimensions, the car companies more stringent requirements.


            In pure electric passenger vehicles as an example. Shanghai, according to the 2014 publication of "measures", each one the amount of subsidies to 40,000 yuan. The new "approach" to delineate Mileage allowances, less than 100 km away Less than 150 km, obtained 10,000 yuan subsidy, equal to more than 150 kilometers to get 30,000 yuan subsidy.


            Plug-in hybrid vehicle subsidy standards become more complex. Prior to a $ 30,000 subsidy standards, the new "approach" is not only the introduction of mileage, but also increased the engine displacement and fuel tank capacity and other indicators. Under the new approach, the pure electric mileage of 50 km and above will receive a 10,000 yuan subsidy, engine displacement of less than or equal 1.6L, fuel tank capacity less than 40L, equal to less than a hundred kilometers 5.9L, may be re-14,000 yuan subsidy .


            Prior to strong sales in Shanghai BYD "Qin" because of the volume of the tank is not up to standard, you can only get 10,000 yuan of subsidies in accordance with the new regulations. Shanghai market sales main models only Roewe Shanghai Automotive e550 can meet the above criteria, additional 1.4 yuan subsidy.


    Apart from the original pure electric passenger car length standards, but also the introduction of the mileage and Ekg two standard dimensions. Ekg means mounted power consumption per unit mass of the occupant, highlighting features of the new energy bus (carrying capacity) and performance (energy consumption rate), while the driving range of 150 kilometers or less pure electric buses will not get subsidies.


            More interestingly, the Shanghai new energy subsidy policy was first introduced, "according to the amount of back slope" mechanism. The new "approach" provides that from January 1, 2014, a single new energy automobile manufacturers in Shanghai, the cumulative total sales of new energy vehicles to achieve a certain scale back on the implementation of the slope until it does not enjoy the financial subsidy.


            After halving subsidies for passenger cars reached 40,000, more than 60,000 after no longer subsidized. After reaching the 1000 commercial vehicles is subsidized by half, after the removal of subsidies over 2000. Fuel cell vehicles are not back slope of the column subsidies.


            Vice president of Automotive Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University Yancheng Liang told reporters the new fiscal: "slope back by the amount of consideration is certain when new energy vehicles after sales, already has commercial basis, financial subsidies can quit." He believes Although the number of units is appropriate to achieve the specific exit criteria in practice remains to be discussed, but to guide the direction of policy is correct.


            In addition to the total sales volume, the Shanghai also provides every single passenger car sales of 10,000, a single commercial vehicles and private cars per 500 sales should be assessed, but did not implement the provisions back Poe for a single vehicle sales, "I personally think that the starting point for a single model to evaluate and assess the total amount is the same. "Yancheng Liang expressed.


            Major security incidents quality, service is not standardized, the high price of the vehicle, are also included in the scope of new energy vehicles in Shanghai business valuation, the Shanghai Commission by letter the right to non-compliant companies required rectification, suspension period to apply for subsidies for rectification .


            Shanghai is currently the minority announce new energy vehicles subsidy Deal parts of the city. "The standard can be said to enhance a signal", insiders told the new wealth, new benchmark energy subsidies mainly to see Beijing and Shanghai.


            April 29, 2015, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, Industry and Information Technology and National Development and Reform Commission jointly announced the "2016--2020 promote the use of new energy vehicles in the financial support policy," but the beginning of January 2016 "cheat up" verification brings variables.


            "The recent news that the country was to be released last year, new energy vehicles 2016-- 2020 subsidy policy adjustments" new energy vehicles practitioners told reporters the new wealth, now has a revised draft version of the outflow out authenticity could not be OK, but industry speculation subsidy threshold will further enhance the subsidy standards have come down.


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