We carry out the ISO/TS16949 quality management system in all our manufacture procedure, provide all our products and services by the automobile industrial requirements.


The logo of our company is on the basis of our Z5 culture system, separate them into five parts: Total Quality, Constant Innovation, Lean Production, Supply Chain, and Involvement of Personal. We treat above principles as the basic rules for our enterprise, do our best to create value for our customer, realize dream for our staff, and bring benefits for our society!


Z5 culture

1.foundation——people oriented;2.pillar1——Continuous innovation;3.pillar2——Lean Production;4.pillar3——Supply Excellence;5.roof——Total Quality


zhejiang zz electrical formed its own cultural system, such a concept into the daily operation and management, adhere to continue to promote the work in these five areas, and strive to create value for customers, for employees to realize their dreams, to bring benefits for the community!